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Re: Food of the living dead

I'm aware of the dead mammal/Daphnia phenomenon. I've read the account about 
the squirrel in the Aquarium Digest International magazine, and I've heard 
there is a very old aquarium book that advocates weighting down a dead cat 
and sinking it in your favorite Daphnia culture or collecting spot, something 
like that. I used to sell Daphnia to a pet shop. I guess one time the owner 
siphoned out the molts of the Daphnia and set them in a 5 gallon bucket under 
the parakeet cages. Somehow it got overlooked for a good time, and when he 
looked it was packed full of the reddest Daphnia he'd ever seen. Slight 
problem though sorting them out from the seed husks, feathers, and parakeet 
poop! :>) I've had large Mystery or Apple snails die in a Daphnia culture, 
and the dead snail is a great food source, if there is not much smell. Ah, 
smell! THAT was the equation! Survival overules programming! The Old Ones, I 
mean, the smell must be eliminated.