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Daphnia and dead animals

Peas, carrots, green
beets, spinach, sweet potato, broccoli, either as baby food, or
liquefied in
a blender are better foods in my experience than yeast, powdered milk,
paprika, or dead mammals.  Vitamins for fish and trace elements
intended for
marine tanks boost the growth and color of the daphnia, and possibly
food value to the fish they eventually are fed to.
<end snip>
I would like to share a recent experience.  I not only grow daphnia at
home but also collect it from the wild in a river near my area.  On one
of my collecting runs I noticed a baby bird had fallen out of a nest (It
was dead).  Thinking nothing of it as it was in one of the spots in the
river bank that I had determined from previous trips that daphnia just
did not congregate there.   So I went on with my collecting but I
rembered that one personhad fed his cultures (outdoors) rats or
something like that and that there were numerous references to Daphnia
and dead animals.   I decided to take a scoop with my net.  The amount
of daphnia that I got from that one scoop was more then my usual 15 mins
of collecting.  It was awesome to get so many.  I fished for daphnia
around that dead bird for about a month and got very good yields from
it.  So dead creatures may not be all that bad.  If you think about it
Daphnia are not vegitarians>they feed on unicellular creatures whether
it is animal or vegitable.  These unicellular creatures are the ones
that help decay.  I do not think that it matters what is decaying.  By
the way, the daphnia here were better quality then the others that I
collected.  I do not use dead animals in my cultures but after the
obversation I keep an open mind.