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fruit flies

Hi all,

I am looking for a starter culture of wingless fruit flies.  I can
trade white worms, or (depending on how my cultures are going)
microworms.  Anyone want to trade?  I could also buy if you prefer.
Yes, I have found a biological supply company, but I thought I'd
try the hobbiest/trade route first. :)

And now on to the real content:

My killifish have been enjoying flattened (does this count as live? :)
*winged* fruit flies!  Since they infested my apartment I decided
to attempt to decrease their population and feed my killies at the same
time.  So now when the darned things land on a flat surface, WHAP!
I swat them (a slightly wet whapping surface helps the flattened fly
stick to the surface), and then I flick the body onto the water's
surface.  So far the fish are in heaven.  The good news for them-
and bad news for me- is that I suspect I have a lifetime supply,
given the fruit fly life cycle!  And no, I would not recommend this to

This has been going on long enough now that I see the humor in it! :)


Jennifer L. Greene  .  jgreene at jimmy_dfci.harvard.edu