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fwd: Re: Supplementing Live BBS with Vitamins follow-up byVannerson -Reply


From: Dave Sheehy <dbs at hprnd_rose.hp.com>, on 10/29/97 10:39 AM:
> >>but I believe instar 2 refers to second molt brine shrimp
> nauplii which if you recall my post on this subject is the point
> at which the mouth forms and enables the nauplii to begin
> eating.<<
> How long after hatching does this phase come on and how
> long would they have to be at this stage to assimilate the
> supplement (hours?  Days?).

From memory, the second molt has generally happened 24 hours after
So, the general process is add enhancement substance 24 hours after
and feed the BBS to your fish 12 hours later. Any longer than that and the
BBS will have digested the enhancement formula and you need to start over.

Dave Sheehy