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Re: How do I acheive and hold Brine Shrimp hatching temp

Alfred wrote.


>... or you could put a 60 to 100 watt light bulb in a
> clamp-on utility reflector (sold at K-Marts and Sears) and have it aimed at
> the coke bottle from a foot or so. Keep an eye on the temperature less you
> cook the brine shrimp! If the light bothers the brine shrimp paint the bulb
> black or dark red with "Hot-Engine" or Bar-B-Q grill paint, your only
> interested in the invisable infra-red light anyway.

Absolutely not true! 

According to David Kawahigashi, biologist at SF Bay Brand, the hatching
*needs* 2000 ft-Lamberts of lighting for reasonably complete hatch.
That's _bright_! Exact temp. is not critical, so I use a little 40W
High-Intensity lamp, close to the two jugs I run in series, ala the
Baensch & Rhule Atlas.

I collect BS where they grow, and they are in brilliant sunlight, with
no shade, all day. No household lamp will "bother" them. They will swim
*toward* it.


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