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Re: How do I acheive and hold Brine Shrimp hatching temp

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Subject: Re: How do I acheive and hold Brine Shrimp hatching temp

>>>>> "CC" == Christopher Carrigan <carrigan at mail_pris.bc.ca> writes:
CC> I am all set to hatch some brine shrimp. I have my inverted coke bottle
CC> with the bottom cut off. An airline attached to a hole in the lid and a
CC> small package of brine shrimp eggs/salt, ( all i can find at the
CC> My question is how do i easily keep the water temp at 80 degrees?
CC> Suggestions please.

The easiest way is to keep the room at 80F. ;-)

Since that isn't feasible for me, I use a fish box (those big
styrofoam boxes that fish stores receive their fish in) that I got
free at my local fish store. I built a carriage that holds two 2-liter
bottles out of scrap lumber. I put the carriage along with a porcelain
light socket with 25-watt light bulb in the box. I regulate the
temperature by adjusting how much the lid is covering the top. It took
a couple days of fiddling to get the temperature correct, but now I
never have to worry about it.

The socket and cord cost about $3.

Hope you have a very nice day, :-)
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St. Paul, Minnesota                        www.primenet.com/~ayers
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