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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #79

>From: Charles <<csharrison at primary_net>

>Subject: Food for white worms


>Hi all,


>A question re: feeding white worms, is dried potato, ie is instant potato

>mix a good food for these creatures? Has anyone experience with it? Should

>I go buy a box just to give it a try?


Whats that saying great minds think alike, some weeks ago when mixing up a batch of instant potato for the fruit fly cultures I had some left and thought I would try it on the white worm. I also thought as they eat Readybrek dry perhaps they will eat instant potato powder so I tried three cultures each. The dry powder is a disaster and had to be mixed into the medium after three days as it was not being eaten and after one day resembled a film of fungal growth over the culture (it only resembles a growth there was in fact no such problem) the reconstituted potato was also not a success with the worms eating it very slowly under protest. So it was back to the real thing and readybrek.

Thought for live food fanatics

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