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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #77

>Subject: Feeding White Worms


>Hello Everyone,


>I just started a culture of white worms. I was wondering

>what everyone on the list feeds their's.  I have been

>trying bread soaked in milk, but I cant tell if they

>are eating it or not.


>I have the culture in a small refrigerator at approx


Well if your fridge is definitely keeping the temperature at 55oF then this is perfect. I have always found bread unsuitable for feeding the worms as the amount is hard to judge, however I know others who swear by it so its horses for courses. For general feeding most of here in the UK use a product called READYBREK this is just instant porridge oats. Sprinkle enough on the surface to lightly dust it and cover with a piece of glass. Check daily if all the food has gone add slightly more next time if not do not add any more until it has. If all has not gone in two days stir it into the medium and do not feed the next day. This method avoids the food going mouldy. To actually get a culture started use half a well boiled potato with the skin still on (the skin prevent air reaching the potato and mould forming for a long time) when all the potato has gone start using the readybrek.

For more information see the article on white worms in the foods section of our back pages.


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