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Non-member submission from Christopher Carrigan

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To: Live-Foods at ActWin_com
From: Christopher Carrigan <carrigan at mail_pris.bc.ca>
Subject: Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #72


I have found a source for Daphnia. Norwest Biological. I spoke to someone
at the Western Division. Minimum Charge is about $25.
They have 3 different size units: 6.00, 12.00, and 22.00 respectively. They
need some lead time so don't expect them first thing tomorrow morning.
They do sell other things which might be of interest to fish people,
however i was only interested in Daphnia so did not bother to ask. They
ship courier. They have two offices, one in Victoria, BC, the other in
Guelph, ON.

Victoria, 1-800-663-5890 or 1-250-592-2438
Guelph, 1-800-265-7250 or 1-519-836-7720

Hope everyone finds this usefull.

BTW I accidently sent this to the Aquatic Plants list by accident, so some
of you may have seen it already.

Christopher Carrigan
Arras, B.C.  V0C 1B0

carrigan at pris_bc.ca

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