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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #69

>From: "Simone e Pierluigi Vicini" <<psvicini at mdnet_it>

>Subject: ant larvae


>Some days ago I found in an ant-hill hundreds of larvae. I didn't know if

>it was a good live food for my fishes so I didn't take any, but there will

>be no problems for me to take some now.


>Does anybody know if this is a good food?

>The ants taking care of the larvae were totally black and 1 cm long.

The ants, larvae and eggs of ants are all eaten by fish and form part of the diet in the wild. The fresh eggs are OK but the dried ones sold as Goldfish food are useless.

><<xenotoca at clara_net> wrote;


>> Not sure why you want water circulation unless your water

>> has fouled (aeration clears the water and cause the resting

>> eggs to hatch). Also battery air pumps are available try a fishing bait store as

>> they are cheap than from an aquatic outlet. Also the 12v compressors for inflating car tyres can be ...


>I must comment here and point out that the 12 volt compressors

>for inflating car tires ARE NOT DESIGNED FOR CONTINUOUS DUTY!

>You will surely burn out the motor if you try running one of them for 

>more than a few minutes without long cooling intervals in between. If 

>you have one with the motor already burned out you can connect a 

>utility motor designed for continuous use to its shaft or you can 

>utilize a refrigerator or air-conditioners compressor by cutting 

>the two copper freon tubes and use them for your source of compressed 

>air (don't do this too often or you'll end up in trouble with the 

>EPA for releasing freon into the atmosphere). I use to use one 

>converted refrigerator compressor to drive the air lines and filters 

>on twenty 30 gallon tanks along with a 20 gallon brine shrimp 

>hatching cone and there was air to spare and THEY ARE SUPER QUIET!


Continious use of 12 compressors was not the use given but to use for a day to aerate the tank . Certainly the 12V compressors sold here in the UK may require a drop of oil on the bearings over this period but this is all.

The fridge compressor is ideal and have seen them used in several fish houses but they require an electricial supply my point was substitutes when no electricity was available


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