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Daphnia and water circulation

When I mentioned a few posts ago about water circulation, trying to avoid
airpumps, the one reply said "why circulate the water?"  I guess I was
assuming one would want to do this to keep the nutrients available to the
daphnia longer.  So this has made me question my process of trying to keep
indoor cultures.  Is water circulation in the culture positive, neutral,
or negative in effect?  Has anyone tried both and decided one works

Also, I keep hearing about Gram flour for food.  Is it not true that
decaying leaves will supply food directly/indirectly for the daphnia to
consume?  I believe decaying leaves supply bacteria with food, who are
then consumed by infusoria, and finally by the daphnia.  Is this correct.

I keep losing my indoor cultures to over/underfeeding, and probably other
problems.  I'm trying to find a method that works.  Indoor temp. ranges
from 70-80F.  Any suggestions would be helpful.


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