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Re: Moina

>Date: Thu, 09 Oct 97 18:12:58 -0700

>From: gomberg at wcf_com

>Subject: Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #61


>In the smashed up digest, an item about moina starters was lost. 

>Can someone please repost it?   Many thanks.

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I think the item was pointing to the article on Moina you can find on our web site. It can be found with the other live food articles in our back pages section or go to it directly at


                  my name is Simon and I'm new on the list and my english

could be not perfect just because I live in Italy and I'm italian.

I was searching for some news regardings Chironomus and Brine Shrimps

because I noticed that maybe my Apistos are suffering from a calcium

deficency. I've been feeding them on frozen brine shrimps but I'm searching

some informations regardings their nutritional value and Chironomus

nutritional value.

I think that the problem they have depends on their diet but I need these

informations to be sure about waht I'm thinking.

Don't worry Simon I am English and my English could not be perfect either. If your Apisto`s are suffering from a calcium deficiency then the finest food you could feed them on is chopped up earthworms. Earthworms have everything a fish needs and will grow and condition fish quicker than anything. The only problem is chopping them up, if you are squeamish drop them in boiling water first. Years ago you could buy worm shredders (I still have a set) these consisted of two stainless steel plates with groves cut in them so that they looked like miniature gramophone records. The worm was placed between these and the plates rotated in opposite directions. The resulting puree contains pieces small enough to feed to fry and bigger bits for the adults. As far as I am aware these are no longer available but if anyone knows different please let us all know as there is a demand for them. 


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