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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #56

>Date: Sun, 5 Oct 97 18:29:12 EST

>From: lifish at flashmag_com (Walter Vose Jeffries)

>Subject: Re: Daphnia & plants compatibility


>> First get rid of the plants as plants and daphnia don't mix (ie no

>> plants = more daphnia)


>Huh? Can you give more specifics on this? I'm surprised as I have

>many thriving daphnia cultures which also have plants in them (java

>moss, crystal wort, crystal (sprial?) val, anacharis, duck weed,

>etc). The cultures that have plants in them produce daphnia at about

>the same rate as the cultures without plants. If anything I would say

>the cultures with plants produce more daphnia per week than those

>without the plants. I also leave a lot of mulm (tank gunk) in the

>bottoms of the daphnia tanks which generates food for them. So, if

>you have any real data or references on this I would be very interested.


Walter as all my only experience is from my outdoor cultures were as soon as the culture is infected with duckweed, algae or any other aquatic plant the daphnia production is greatly reduced. Also those who collect daphnia from the wild tell me that the best collecting ponds have plenty of greenery around the edge providing fallen leaves to add mulm ect the water is relatively free of aquatic plants. Perhaps its the O2 / Co2 cycle of the plants reducing the amount of oxygen in the water in the relative confines of the 4 or 5 gallon bowls that work best for me. Mulm is important as it is were the resting eggs of the daphnia are deposited to overwinter or to restart the population after the culture has crashed due to lack of food or water fouling.

>Live Foods Digest wrote:

>> From: Roger Winter <<xenotoca at clara_net>


>> For more info see our Back pages on Daphnia and Moina (much more suitable for indoor culture)


>Roger, please tell us more about Moina. I found no mention in my

>reference book on life food ("Encyclopedia of Live Foods", Charles &

>Masters) and couldn't find it on your site. It sounds intriguing.


>Steve and all the back pages are linked from our main page and under food you should find moina it was the MAY food of the month. But in desperation try.


On a more personal note sorry about the delay to answer the above questions but family matters have been pressing (also why Viviparous pages not updated yet). Back on course soon.

Secondly if the Lady from Canada who contacted me with a view to obtaining some Goodieds to breed can contact me again if she is still on this list. I have lost her e-mail address and do have a contact address for her. 


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