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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #54

>Subject: Reviving Daphnia culture

>I had a thriving Daphnia culture in a 10 gal. tank in my basement but the culture diminished when I lost my only source of greenwater which was from a wine barrel where I grew my water lilies. The green water disappeared when night temps dropped to the 40's F outdoors. I assume there are dormant eggs in the tank. Water temp has been around 72 F in the tank. Any tips as to how to revive my culture and keep them going through the winter months in the basement ? I tried dried yeast unsuccessfully. The  culture tank has substrate and luxurious plants growing in it under 2X40 watts Verilux flourescent over two 10 gal tanks. Any advice will be very appreciated. TIA.

Yes there should be dormant egg in the tank but as lack of food or lack of oxygen are the normal causes that cultures fall over there may be another reason there are absolutely no daphnia in the tank.

First get rid of the plants as plants and daphnia don't mix (ie no plants = more daphnia). Aerate the tank if possible this should help hatch any eggs and don't bother with green water use a two tablespoon to 1/2 liter water solution of GRAM flour (made from yellow chick peas and sold in Indian / Pakistan food shops) add just enough to cloud the tank. Repeat as soon as it clears.

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