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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #51

>Anybody heard about bleaching brine shrimp eggs slightly in order to
>vastly increase hatch rates? I always get significantly higher hatches
>after cleaning my hatching containers and air tube with bleach and I
>heard about this at a killie meeting. I need the details on
>concentration and time in solution.

Look for information on the AKA web site. http://www.aka.org/

You could be getting improved hatches for two reasons, using bleach to
clean hatching containers. The bleach could be helping to remove the
capsule of the cysts; or, you are sterilizing the containers, thus reducing
bacterial kills of your nauplii. I think that the latter is most likely in
your case. The pros always stress sterility in hatching artemia.

However, decapsulation does definitely improve hatching rates on cysts that
are not optimal.


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