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Re: parmecium

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"mudpuddle" <mudpuddle at ccis_com> wrote:

Although I do not feed my cultures this I would suspect you had some
chemicals left on the lettuce and it caused the culture to go bad. I use
dried corn husks to feed my cultures. I haven't had any problems in all the
years I've been using it even when I let it sit for months without using
it, other than a drop in production. 
mudpuddle at ccis_com

> From: Cal Him <chim at kootenay_net>
> To: killies at mejac_palo-alto.ca.us
> Subject: parmecium
> Date: Sunday, September 28, 1997 4:22 PM
> Hi
> Recently my paramecium culture turned red.  I had fed the culture lettuce
> leaves, wheat seed.  I have not seen this before and do not know if is
> to feed this to my fish.  Can anyone comment on this condition?
> Cal Him

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