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[Live-foods] What is This?

Three weeks ago I collected some aquatic life from a water hazard on a golf
course.  My main objective was to get some daphnia to start a culture, but I
was also curious to see what else I might catch.

I placed the animals into an already-set up 10 gallon aquarium that had been
used for fish and plants in the past.  Over the next two weeks a number of
different creatures appeared - daphnia (probably), small water beetles,
water boatmen, mayfly (?) nymphs, tiny white shrimp, two kinds of snails, as
well as other invertebrates.

There was one other kind of creature that I have no idea as to what it might
be.  It is long and thin in shape, a little less than a half inch in length.
It is grayish green in color, and usually suspends in the middle regions of
the tank. Every 10 to 30 seconds it moves by pivoting its rear section from
a "hinge" near the center of the body.

Perhaps the strangest things are found near each end.  They look like small
air bubbles, but I have never seen the creatures (there are at least two)
near the surface of the water (unlike the water beetles, that go to the
surface for more O2 every minute or so.)

Does anyone have an idea as to what this might be?



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