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[Live-foods] subscription

I subscribed on June 1. I might have done something wrong as I have had no
live-foods e-mails. Maybe there isn't much activity. Just checking.


Copy of 6/1/07 e-mail

Welcome to the Live-Foods at actwin_com mailing list!


To post to this list, send your email to:


  live-foods at actwin_com


General information about the mailing list is at:




If you ever want to unsubscribe or change your options (eg, switch to or
from digest mode, change your password, etc.), visit your subscription page





You can also make such adjustments via email by sending a message to:


  Live-Foods-request at actwin_com


with the word `help' in the subject or body (don't include the quotes), and
you will get back a message with instructions.


You must know your password to change your options (including changing the
password, itself) or to unsubscribe.  It is:


Thank you!


Gary  I  Twin Garden Farms

815.943.7448  x205

The Home of MIRAI Sweet Corn!



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