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Re: bbs how long and Salinity

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> Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2002 17:16:40 -0700
> From: "Matt & Linda Crocker" <crockerm at peak_org>
> Subject: bbs how long
> How long are you guys keeping your bbs in the fridge after hatching?
> How are you storing the eggs, in the fridge or not?

I try to use them at once. If they start to molt (the first molt is 
where they get longer than they are wide), they lose much of the initial 
good nutritional value. That molt can be from 6-12 hours after hatch 
(room temp.), but will be later if you refrigerate them (24hrs?).

I keep long-term bulk-storage eggs in the refrigerator (never the 
freezer) but a smaller container (1lb or less) for daily use is left out 
at room temp. Taking eggs from cold storage must be done carefully, and 
the whole batch allowed to reach room temperature (1/2-1 day?) before 
opening. Otherwise invisible dew settles on the eggs and starts their 
hatch prematurely. Can dramatically lower total hatch rate.

> Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 00:06:44 -0500
> From: bogue <bob at naturalaquariums_com>
> Subject: Salinity
> Vincent,
> Salinity doesn't seem to be critical. I use water softener pellets 
> and the amount depends on my mood and how much I happen to grab. One 
> pellet per litre will hatch them. So will a double handful.

Here are the rules, as given me by the biologist at one of the big 
Artemia producers:

Lower salinity tends to give faster hatch and promotes live-bearing 
reproduction. [If you have a water softener, your softened tap water may 
even give a good partial hatch!]

Higher salinity makes the hatch take longer and forces cyst production.

Otherwise, the salinity is far less critical than oxygen 
(aeration/turbulence), heat and light for hatching bbs. Use George's 
suggested levels and play from there, depending on your needs.

I find pre-soaking in RO water for a minute or a few gives more complete 
and quicker hatch, too. [My old Fremont water was too hard and was as 
bad as salt water for pre-wetting the eggs. IDK how Modesto water will 
be. It is as high tds as Fremont's but way saltier and softer.]


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