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Fw: little bug patrol

 > From: "Norm and Susan" <smstacey at execpc_com>
 > Subject: Re: Live Foods Digest V3 #184
 > The little bugs might be Bosmina

 Bosmina is another genus of the larger group of daphnias isn't it? It gets
a little confusing when daphnia refers to a group of crustaceans among the
cladocerans and Daphnia is a genus in the group.

 Another nominee for company with the Daphnia are seed shrimp or Ostracods.
 They are eagerly taken by fishes according to some authors. My fishes seem
 to go for them too. I've never really watches to see whether daphnia or
 Ostracods were consumed first.

 I'll bet I would know what they would take first if fed along with
mosquitos. ;)

 They feed on the algae around the edge of the outdoor containers. I really
 appreciate them eradicating the algae. While the daphnia is slowly
 outside, there is still quite a bit of undisturbed algae, so there hasn't
 been an Ostracod hatching and bloom yet.

 There are a few in the indoor daphnia culture. An advantage of them,
 although they seem to be have more shell material than daphnia, is that
 process at least some of their diet from things different from the Daphnia
 and can be co-cultured.

 It is nice to see signs of spring outside, despite some ice this morning on
 an exposed container of water. Only last week was the first bite of a
 mosquito. No eggs yet.

 All the best!


Killie show this week in Chicago: