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Visitors in my daphnia tank

Hi everyone,

I am puzzled about the strange visitors in my
daphnia container.  There are some worms that look
a bit like grindal worms and small water bugs of
some sort swimming in my container of daphnia
pulex.  Only one of the six daphnia containers got
these strange critters.  I suspect the ramshorn
snail I transferred from my fish tank brought them
in.  I have seen a minute white worm  (grindal
worm size) swim across one of my fish tank before.
I could not tell what it was.  The worms I got in
the daphnia container have small black heads and
most of them are floating on the surface or
hanging from the side of the container just at or
above the water line.  I don't know it they are
the larvae of the small water bug like creatures.
The bugs are similar in size to D. pulex.  But
they are dark and dart around along the sides of
the container.  They don't swim like daphnia - no
hopping or jerky motion.  Can someone identify
these creatures?  What I want to know most of all
is whether or not they are harmful to my daphnia
and fish.