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Re:Moina and Daphnia

It is temperature dependant.  At lower temps, the Daphnia species will be
more productive (i.e. D. magna).  At higher temps the Moina are more
productive.  So in Honolulu where it was much warmer my Moina would over run
the Daphnia.  However, here in Kula were it is still in the 50-60 F range
the Daphnia are far more productive inthe winter -spring months, even in a
mixed culture.  Right now it is possible for me to harvest a cup of Dapnia
per week for sale, in addition to what I need to feed the fish.  The Moina
are just starting to become productive...


> > Hello everyone
> >
> > Does anyone keep daphnia, moina, and magna together? will anyone out
> > the other?
> In our experience here, the moina have always out-competed all the other
> species they are housed with.
> Some larger daphnia do manage to hang on for a while, especially if there
is a lot
> of food, but the end result has always been the same, Moina only.