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Re: Daphnia (was Live Foods Digest V3 #178

Hello George,

It seems that you, just like myself, live in an water area that will NOT
support algal growth. The best that I can get is a yellowish solution
that Daphnia will not eat!

Suspend dry baking yeast (Fleischman's or others) in some water (a
packet of dry yeast to a cup of water) and add to your culture until
hazy (NOT milky!). Add more after the water clears. After your Daphnia
get used to the yeast, you can increase feedings, but again just enough
for the Daphnia to clear in 24 h. Overfeeding will often cause a crash.

The yeast suspension will keep in the refrigerator for about a week.



> Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 15:59:07 -0700 (PDT)
> From: George Libby <onsiteinatlanta at yahoo_com>
> Subject: My green water aint
> Used to have the problem of my ponds going green. In
> my tanks I had to change the water daily just to be
> able to see into the tanks. Well I did move. Now my
> ponds only get that stickey green slime. No green
> water. My tanks have that hairy black stuff sticking
> to the edges of the plants and the glass and
> everywhere else but no green water. I picked up some
> green water from a friend and I couldn't get it
> started. (Twice and zip)
> Right now my daphnia are barely surving on the bloody
> water left over from the frozen worms that I feed my
> fish. Does anyone have a good recipe for a yeast
> solution or can tell me how to make my water green
> again, like I did as a kid and kept my white clouds in
> a green world and they would go on forever.
>            Thank you,    George Libby