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My green water aint

Used to have the problem of my ponds going green. In
my tanks I had to change the water daily just to be
able to see into the tanks. Well I did move. Now my
ponds only get that stickey green slime. No green
water. My tanks have that hairy black stuff sticking
to the edges of the plants and the glass and
everywhere else but no green water. I picked up some
green water from a friend and I couldn't get it
started. (Twice and zip)
Right now my daphnia are barely surving on the bloody
water left over from the frozen worms that I feed my
fish. Does anyone have a good recipe for a yeast
solution or can tell me how to make my water green
again, like I did as a kid and kept my white clouds in
a green world and they would go on forever.
           Thank you,    George Libby

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