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Re: Daphnia

Hi George,

Thank you for responding to my message!

I siphoned off some crud from the bottom of the
container with a small turkey baster, tonight.  I did
this since I tend to kick up the crud and get the water
really cloudy when I harvest the daphnia using the
turkey baster.  Maybe I should use another method to
harvest daphnia than a turkey baster.

As I was doing this, I noticed that there was a few
daphnia still alive in the batch that I thought was
crashed.  I moved those daphnia to a new container
along with some more daphnia from another batch.   This
should get them multiplying (pulsing?) in no time.

I am thinking about moving the larger cultures of mine
to 5 gallon spring water containers that I obtained for
free.  I have been keeping the daphnia in my small
indoor utility room.  Right now they are on the glass
shelving (encroaching on my African violet collections)
at the north-east window of the room.  I am thinking
about putting the five gallon containers on the floor
near the vents so cool air can get to them during the
summer.  My African violets always do fine in the
utility room despite the occasional temp. fluctuation
from a washer and a dryer running in the room.  (They
loathe hot humid conditions and rot if the condition
becomes too adverse.)  I am hoping that daphnia will do
OK in there, too.  I will keep a backup culture in
another room just in case.