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Re: Daphnia (was Live Foods Digest V3 #176

Hello Vicky,

A 2-liter bottle is a bit small -- your harvest will be small. Try a
gallon jar and up. I consider a 5-gallon container about ideal for
inside culture. It is MANDATORY to have several cultures going, because
sooner or later your culture will crash! With backup cultures you just
are not wiped out, but keep going.

If you use aeration, then a slow stream of large bubbles (just the air
line) is best. Daphnia do not particularly like currents, but need a
supply of oxygen and large bubbles will provide mixing.

Unless you live in the tropics, I don't think that you can produce
enough green water to feed them exclusively on algae. Be prepared to use
some yeast as supplement (dry baking yeast, suspended in water, works
well). DO NOT overfeed on yeast -- it is going to kill them!! A visible
HAZE (not milky!) is OK.

You mention "to keep them and the kiddies seperated" -- do you mean
Daphnia kiddies? No need to do that! They all will live happily in the
same container.

Harvest by pouring out about 1/2 of the water and replace it (drip in)
with good aged water. Daphnia are sensitive to all kinds of toxins --
they are used as test animals for testing water quality.



> Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 13:22:48 EDT
> From: Vicky100 at aol_com
> Subject: Daphina newbi question....
> Hi all...
> I have been reading this months posts (I joined but havent received any mail
> yet)
> I am wondering what size container I should keep the daphina in. I have a
> culture on the way. Is it okay to use the 2 liter soda bottles rinsed really
> well? do they need an airstone going in the bottle? I figure to have 3
> bottles going for a constant supply and of course the greenwater culture in 2
> liter bottles as well. I understand the need to add water slowly. but I dont
> have an extra fish tank so the bottles is really easy for me to keep them and
> the kiddies seperated. Any specific instructions would be great..
> Thank you and I will get back to reading the archives.
> Take care
> Vicky
> Vicky100 at aol_com
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