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Daphnia... Amquel

Hi again Tomoko...
I was reading the archives and it seems that if one doesnt overuse amquel 
then it should be okay..but like you suggested...I will buy some bottled 
water and then try it out...I also like you have high traffic...(I run a 
licenced day care) so large jars probably will be better than the 
bottles...so what I think I will do is use the 2 liter bottles for the algae 
water and a wide mouth jar for the daphnia themselves..easier to harvest them 
and easier to clean too I am sure. Maybe using smaller jars to keep the 
culture growing and then putting them in the larger one..back and forth...and 
rotate the jars. So I shall be going to a store to get the jar and to the lfs 
for an extra quiet air pump for the airstone and I should be set! Anything 
different I could/should do?
Please let me know...and again Thank you for your time!
Take care

Vicky100 at aol_com
MSM-VBL425 at hotmail_com