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Hi Vicky,

I remember asking the very same question to one of the
listers in March.  He suggested to give my tankwater a
try with a small amount of daphnia after a week or so
of aging.  When my culture grew, I did try and it
worked!  I use Amquel according to the dosage
instruction, but I don't know if fish and plant load
makes any difference to neutralize the effect of
Amquel.  I have a high load of both.  If I were you,
I'd use spring water or another suitable water
initially, unless another person tells you that the
tank water aged one week or so is OK, too.  Spring
water is much cheaper than having to reorder another
batch of daphnia.  When yours start to multiply, you
can try out a small amount of daphnia in the tank

I believe a 2 liter coke bottle works fine,  if you cut
the top off.  I find a glass container such as a wide
mouth canning jar is much less prone to get knocked
over though (I have high traffic in my house with three
kids running around everywhere.)  I like wide mouth
containers since it makes it easy to feed/harvest them.
My containers sit near a north-east window.  When the
morning light shines in, daphnia collects in the spot
of light.  This makes it very easy to harvest them.  As
the summer approaches,  I suppose I need to move them
to a cooler area.  A larger container (a bigger amount
of water) may keep the temp. cooler, too.

Good luck,