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Thank you Tomoko..
I am thinking that maybe some canning jars will work as the need to divide 
cultures needs to occur. If surface area is more important then  I shall not 
fill the 2 liter bottles all the way to the top, but halfway.I think that 
harvesting them will be a problem there unless I cut the tip half off..hmmmmm 
I have some thinking to do here. but you have given me some ideas....
Now another question, I use amquel for the water in all my fish tanks, and I 
have read and heard from Wright that using Amquel is deadly for Daphnia..so 
will aged tank water conditioned with amquel be okay? can I use another water 
conditioner for the daphnia culture...if not..then I will buy bottled? 
Spring? distilled? water if need be. also...do you use an airstone in your 
culture tank? is it necessary?
Questions and more questions...I know..but I dont want the culture to crash.
Thank you for your time in answering my numerous questions...

Take care

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