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Re: Kill Cyclops?

To remove the cyclops, you could put small male livebearers in the culture
container, then remove THEM a few days after the cyclops are all gone.
Cyclops will be back eventually because they reinoculate any suitable
environment through various means. Remove the livebearers before adding the

You could also try kalkwasser, an additive for marine tanks. I don't know if
moina are as tolerant of high pH as the daphnia I keep, but high pH is how I
control cyclops. I do a partial water change with high pH water and the
cyclops vanish. Generally cyclops prefer more acid water than daphniids, so
you can skew the environment to favor one or the other by controlling the pH
of the culture.

 A traditional way if your culture is outside, is to add fresh sheep manure
to the culture. This is supposed to condition or cycle the water and produce
bacteria for the daphniids to eat after the manure has broken down. I
culture my daphnia inside, so I have never experimented with manure.