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Fw: Babies making babies

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From: George Davis <gwd at magpage_com>
To: <killietalk at aka_org>
Sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2000 04:34
Subject: Babies making babies

>     I had a young pair of E. annulatus that I raised from eggs in java
> from 7/8/00.  The male is maybe one inch.  The pair was raised in one
> peanut jar and fed exclusively on live indoor raised daphnia.  I  took
> pair out of the jar on 9/23/00, leaving the java moss.  This morning I
> the first itty bitty little new ANN.  Hard to believe from parents just
> started 7/8.
>     I raise daphnia indoors in cut off 2 liter bottles.  The daphnia get
> green water from a 15 gallon tank containing a goldfish and a couple other
> straggler fish.  Some of the daphnia jars develop quite a bloom of
> infusuria.  I will change out half the water in the ANN container, then
> replace it with the infusuria water run through a net to catch the larger
> daphnia to feed to larger babies.  The tiny ANN take three or four weeks
> get much size, then they literally explode in a growth curve.  From that
> point on, they gain size quickly.  I gave up hatching brine shrimp about
> years ago since I have been having success with the daphnia.  Have now had
> an uninterrupted supply of indoor raised daphnia for three years.  Many
> articles suggest not feeding an exclusive daphnia diet.  These ANN were
> raised and bred on nothing else.  I do supplement frozen earthworms from
> garden and live mosquitoe larvae for other larger killies.
>     Anyway, I am a pleased Papa this morning.
>                                     George Davis
>                                     Wilmington, DE
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> From: Bob Meyer <bmeyer at parkland_cc.il.us>
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> Sent: Monday, October 02, 2000 19:33
> Subject: Re: Keeping eggs warm.
> > One of the best investments that I have made is the purchase of an egg
> incubator.  I use a Hovabator chicken egg incubator.  Most farm stores
> them for about $35 .  It is about 18 inches by 18 inches and maybe 6
> high.  You can store 100 bags of eggs in the incubator.  The thermostat
> allows you to adjust to within one degree.  Low power usage and relatively
> safe. ..bob
> >
> > >>> rcraft at mtco_com 10/02/00 04:03PM >>>
> > Mark I have a large styro that was used to ship photographic film in
> inside this i put a 1/2 gallon bottle of water with a submersible heater
> at 68 degrees then just store my eggs in the styro until they are ready .
> >
> >
> > Ray Craft
> > Morton ,Illinois
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