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Fw: raising daphnia: From George Davis

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Subject: Re: raising daphnia: From George Davis

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> >
> > George (and other topical experts can chip in, of course !!!) :
> >
> > A week ago, you posted a msg to KillieTalk entitled "babies making
> that was really was devoted mostly to raising daphnia indoors. I'm
> interested in doing that .... and it seems like other people would be too,
> give the ever-rising price of brine shrimp eggs .... and so am hoping you
> could elaborate a bit on:
> >
> > * the lighting and other conditions for your 15 gal "green water tank".
> Other than the few fish, do you do anything to actively stimulate the
> stuff? Have you had any green water crashes / do you think it'd be
> worthwhile for me to perhaps keep two smaller (10 gal) green tanks, in
> one crashes unexpectedly?  Any particular reasons why std. glass aquariums
> should be preferable to rubbermaid-type containers for this purpose, or
> versa?
> >
>     The 15 gallon tank is lit by two 48" flourescent 40 watt bulbs in a
> shoplight laying directly over two 15 gallon tanks.  The light goes
> over the green water tank.  Tank is open at the top.  I do not try to
> stimulate the green water other than feeding the fish flake food.  I have
> had only one semi crash in three years (please don't jinx me).  Two tanks
> sounds great because you might try to fertilize a bit.  However,
> I pour the final daphnia right into tanks so I don't want to be putting
> fertilizer, ie nitrogen products into my tanks on purpose.  I think the
> glass is better because you can actually "see" your green water in the
> I think I have avoided some crashes by going lightly at times removing
> if it has thinned too much.
> > * how many 2-liter bottles of daphnia are you maintaining, for what
> of harvests ? How often do you harvest, and how much?
> >
>     I have 18 cut-off two liter bottles going.  They sit on a work bench
> with a double flourescent over head about 2 feet away, on 17hrs/day.  I
> don't think the light matters much, because they already have the green
> water then.  When a dapnia bottle is populated well and clearing the green
> water, I harvest half by draining through a net or pouring directly into
> killie tanks.  The waste water is collected to dump on the garden outside.
> I harvest between next day to three days depending on the vigor of the
> culture.  Any longer than that I toss the particular bottle, fill half
> a vigorous culture and fill with green water.  The harvests from a bottle
> will provide food for one to three days for a pair of killies in a
>  > * are the daphnia bottles bubbled ? lighted ? filtered? water changes?
> how often do you add more green water? how much?
> >
>     Bottles are still, no bubbles.  Tried that once with no discernible
> benefit.  Think I answered the others above.
> > * any particular type/s of daphnia that have worked well?
> >
>     Pulex and magna have worked well for me.  Moina has tended to have a
> slow burn out rate.  Try to keep your different daphnia separate!  If you
> have success with the moina, I would love to have a starter culture.  The
> magna are huge (maybe a 1/4 inch!).
> > * any other questions I should have asked but was too ignorant to think
> ??<g>??
> >
>     This took longer than expected .  Gotta run off to the real job.  The
> one that interferes with my killie time but pays the rent.
> George Davis
> Wilmington, DE
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