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Re: Kill Cyclops

> Date: Wed, 08 Nov 2000 18:36:33 EST
> From: "Bob Xu" <bobxu2 at hotmail_com>
> Subject: Kill Cyclops!
> Hello, was wondering if any of you knowlegeable people out there knew
> anything about getting rid of cyclops. I wanna ready the tank for a moina
> culture, so prefarely someting that won't make me have to dump out all of
> the water, because that water is plenty "aged". Maybe something that can be
> taken out with carbon? Thanksalot!

I haven't actually done this for cyclops, so take it FWIW.

Formaldehyde ought to do it, and it dissipates very readily in a
well-aerated, aged tank. Carbon will remove it, too.

Use the 37% stuff from the drug store, sometimes called "Formalin." For
hydra and leeches, etc. I use about 3-5 drops per 5G, repeated every other
day for three or four treatments. The cyclops are unlikely to survive that.
Daphnia certainly don't.

The every other day thing is that that's sort of the half-life if the tank
has a normal biofilter and any mulm to soak up the formaldehyde.

"Amquel" should also kill them, and is removable with good carbon filtering,
too. ["Good" is as in high-pressure household cartridges. I'm not sure the
stuff from the LFS will do much of anything.] Test with a few moina before
adding your whole culture. OK?

Either will kill your moina, so be sure you allow some time for the
filtering to work.


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