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Here are pictures of Paul Stoner's home reef tank. Paul may be reached at pstoner3@earthlink.net

Click on each picture to see the full sized image.

180 gal tank, 20gal smp, 8" x 6' skimmer, 2x250W/10,000K metal halide bulbs, 4 VHO Actinics, PVC racks are for stacking rock and refuge for fish.
Custom 8" skimmer which works very well for the large bio load.
This soft coral was cut many times and ended up in 7 of club members' tanks. As soon as I got the 250W metal halides I found that in a corner near the bottom was the best place for this soft coral to grow.
One mistake was that these cleaner shrimp over time killed this Elgance coral for a bigger cleaning station. The Red Sea purple tang was very hardy and loved to be touched. Very strange fish.
This yellow porites grew up from the live rock and was propigated many times.
Three month growth of this acropora and other cuttings. Most corals in this tank had very good growth under the 10,000K metal halides.
Right side
Overview of entire tank with Big Bertha (13" Red Sea Maximum clam).
Big Bertha was a total joy to have had. On some days her mantle would expand up to 10" across. She was a very beautiful clam.
This large brain coral was hand fed brine shrimp soack in a vitamin solution over other night, with good results in growth and color.
At one time I had 13 different 4-6 inch Red Sea blue maxima clams with one 13". Big Bertha lived 5 years before she died. All Red Sea clams were very hardy and had steady growth and great expansion.
This elegance coral would expand to the size of a basketball.
Eight inch gigas clam next to a Red Sea maxima clam. The star polyps were too hardy and had to be harvested and given away from time to time.
Live rock was all uncured from Figi and soon was covered with bright purple and pink coraline algae and there were many porites and montipora colonies that grew up over time.
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