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Green Dust Algae and Blackout

So I did a 4 day blackout on my 72 gallon tank, and everything looked great 
when I opened it up on Wednesday. But the Green Dust Algae is back now - a 
very light dusting on the glass. But how do I get rid of it entirely? The 
tank is set up since last July, 72 gallons, 220W. I add KNO3(1/2t at water 
change & again after 3-4 days), Flourish and Flourish iron (same schedule), 
1t Equilibrium at water change, KH2PO4, a pinch at water change & every 
couple of days.

I also have a slimy, foul smelling dark colored algae on several plants. 
What's that all about?


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