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If you know of clubs not in this listing, please enter their information. All of this information is provided by people on the net, and the opinions expressed are those of the submitters and do not necessarily match those of the editors of FINS or our publisher, Active Window Productions.

  Country South Africa listings:

Algoa Marine Aquarists' Society of Port Elizabeth, P.O. Box 1434, Port Elizabeth, 6000, phone 041 52-2401, fax 041 55-9243.
Aquatek List, phone +27 83 737 1887, renier@sanavy.co.za.
The Aquatek List is a non commercial, unmoderated list dedicated to the Southern African aquatic experience. Membership is totally free, and topics for discussion are anything related to the hobby here in africa! To join, send email to Aquatek-L@sanavy.co.za with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.
Eastern Cape Aquatic Society, Newton Park library auditorium, Port Elizabeth, 6001, phone 073 252 6345, iriwaans@aspenpharma.com.
We are a group of enthusiast who are interested in anything that is remotely aquatic. All are welcome.
Fishbreath Aquarium Club, 30 Scanlan Street college Hill, Uitenhage, 6229, phone 073 252 6345, iriwaans@webmail.co.za.
We are a new club and so far most of the members keep cichlids but we are open to anyone who are interested
Jacaranda Aquarium Club, Pretoria, South Africa.
Meeting every second thursday of the month at 19:00 Dues R120 Contact Karel Marais All fishkeepers welcome
Port Elizbeth Aquatic Society, Port Elizabeth, jedigenie@hotmail.com.
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South African Aquarist Society, Jmme@pixi.co.za.
Tropical Paradise The Pet shop, First Avenue, Fish hoek, South Africa, 7975, phone 7827234, fax 7852044, thepetshop@vox.co.za.
Kevin Tiltman

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