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  Country Thailand listings:

Bangkok Aquarium, P.O. Box 24-56, Bangkok, Thailand, 10240, phone 662-3738236, fax 662-3734904, bkkaqa@yahoo.com.
We have been in ornamental fish exporter as the second generation for almost forty years. We are not the best but we always try our best to serve our customers.
Siam Cichlid, 55/99, Nakornprathom, Nakornchaisri, 73120, phone 034227489, info@siamcichlid.com.
Thailand Fish Club, 2/4 Nailert Tower Wireless Road, Patumwan, Bangkok, 10130, phone 2678960, fax 2678953, fish@oldsale.com.
TNP Advance Business Co.,Ltd., Pathumthani, Thailand, 12120, phone 662-902-9922, fax 662-902-9901, panut45@gmail.com.
Need worldwide importer of tropical ornamental fish. We are major exporter company of tropical ornamental fish from Thailand. We do have a varies of live tropical fish. Contact us for more details

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