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  Country Norway listings:

Arendal og Omegn Akvarieklubb, Skjfvestad, Austre Moland, Arendal, N-4800, phone 37 03 34 38.
Contact: Jens Georg Hegland.
Bergen Akvarieklubb, Kirkeveien 9b, Bergen, Norway, 5072, phone 55289014, web@bergenak.org.
Kristiansand akvarieklubb, v/Håkon Engelshus, Sigridsvei 12, 4633 KRISTIANSAND, phone + 47 38 09 30 38, haakon.engelshus@sensewave.com.
People from almost all clubs in Norway use this forum. If u are coming to Norway and need help with finding aquariumrelated info - this is the page to look at
Norwegian Cichlid and Discus Association, 1340 Bekkestua, Oslo.
Contact: Henrik Giertsen, Prestegrdsv.39A, 1340 Bekkestua. Oslo Norway.
Oslo Akvarieklubb, Oslo.
For updated information of Oslo Akvarieklubb, Please use our Homepage.
Trondheim Akvarieklubb, Ivar Tiller, Nyheimsvn 16A, Jakobsli, Trondheim, Norway, 7058, phone +73 90 16 96.

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