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  Country Denmark listings:

@kva-net, c/o Ib Vestergaard, Bethesdavej 9, Aarhus N, Denmark, DK-8200, akva-net@mail.subnet.dk.
Home page with aquaristic articles in Danish language about all topics. Updated every week. Many foreign articles in Danish version
Aalborg AkvarieForening, Forchammersvej 11, Aalborg, 9000, kontakt@aalborg-akvarieforening.dk.
Meetings: every tuesday at 19.00. Dues: approx. 30USD a year, including one of the best club magazines in Denmark. Contact: Claus Holm Sørensen, 20266119
AquaForum, Aaboulevard 18 1th., Copenhagen N, Denmark, 2200, info@aquaforum.dk.
It is a webclub with lots of information about freshwater fish and marinefish. You have to paid 295 d.kr. a year.
Esbjerg & Omegns Akvarieklub, Stengårdsvej 82, Esbjerg, Danmark, 6705, phone 75142484, anders_lund_jensen@hotmail.com.
Åbningstid: Hver Onsdag fra 19.00 til 22.00. Lukket i skolens sommerferie. Kontingent: 200 kr. pr år.
Haderslev Akvarieforening af 1991, Kalmar gaardvej 6,, Haderslev, DK, 6100, phone +45 74575498, ullits@tdcadsl.dk.
Meetings:Every monday at uneven weeks. Dues:40$ a year for all family members. Contact:Joern Ullits.
Københavns Akvarieforening, Vildtbaneparken 121 k, Ishoej, Denmark, 2635, phone +45 44948477, fax +45 44948477.
Meetings in Valby Medborgerhus, Toftegårds plads Copenhagen: Meetings for year 2003: look at WWW.Akvariebladet.dk Membership for the year of 2003 - incl. all numbers off Scandinavias greatest akvarie periodical \\\"Akvariebladet\\\" is 330,- dkr.(50$) Children 220,- dkr.(30$). Please contact the club\\\'s cashier, Tonny B. Andersen. Meetings program for year 2003 see at http://www.akvariebladet.dk/ka/Aktivitetskalender.html.
Roskilde Akvarieforening RAF, Kildegården, Helligkorsvej 5, Roskilde, Denmark, DK-4622, phone +45 46 18 64 84, fax +45 43 44 22 47, raf@roskilde-akvarieforening.dk.
Meetings 1.st Thursday each month. Contact above or chairman Mikael Bagge +45 46 49 87 10
Viborg Akvarie Forening, Enebaervej 20, Viborg, 8800, phone +45 86615532.
Meetings: Every 2'nd thursday. Dues: app. 30 $ a year, including montly magazine. Contact: Poul-Erik Kristensen.
Århus Akvarie Forening, Aarhus (Århus), 8000.
Monthly meting huge exhibition and trade fair, with speakers from near and far. Oktober 2011 www.aquafair.eu

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