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Colorado Aquarium Society, P.O. Box 1253, Arvada, CO, 80005, jkukel@hermes.arapahoe.edu.
CAS holds 2 meetings per month. On the first Friday of each month (except December) we hold a General meeting. This usually consists of an informational program featuring a local or nationally known speaker, a "bowl show" where members can enter their fish and win awards, and a "mini auction" where fish and equipment are sold. The club also has a small library of books that members can check out and bring home between meetings. General Meetings are held at the St. James Episcopal Church at 7:30 PM (non-members are welcome at all general meetings). The last Friday of each month is reserved for the Board Of Directors (BOD) meetings. BOD meetings are held at a member's home and are where business-related issues are taken care of; this also gives the members a chance to see each others tanks. If you are interested in becoming a member, the cost of membership is very affordable. Costs for a one year Membership are listed below. $16.00 for a single person or family $ 8.00 for anyone under 18
Colorado Killi Club, Arvada, CO, phone 303-420-8108.
Meetings occur every two months on a Sunday. Please see the website for more information.
Rocky Mountain Cichlid Association, 9242 E. Eastman Place, Denver, CO, 80231.
Rocky Mountain Reef Club, Denver, CO.
The Rocky Mountain Reef Club is dedicated to the endorsement, education, and fellowship of captive marine systems hobbyists in the Rocky Mountain region. We will increase awareness among members and the public of the importance and value of marine ecosystems and their preservation through captive propagation and responsible collection of organisms. We will deepen hobbyists’ knowledge about the husbandry and study of marine plants and animals, increasing the longevity and well being of the creatures in our care.
Southern Colorado Aquarium Society, 1634 Holmes Drive, Colorado Springs, CO, 80909, webmaster@southerncoloradoaquariumsociety.com.
Meetins 4th Sunday of each month at Boy Scout Center, 525 E. Uintah, Colorado Springs, CO. They start at 5 pm, and generally run until 7pm. Visitors are welcome! Each general meeting features a program, bowl show, a mini auction, gadget contest, "The stupidest thing I did this year" and announcements of upcoming events.

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