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  Painted Glass Fish

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  Avoid Painted Glass Fish!

These fish are not natural. They are regular glass catfish, with colored dyes injected into their bodies. It is a cruel thing to do to the fish, and makes them very prone to disease. They seldom survive more than a few months in an aquarium.

The glass catfish, Kryptopterus bicirrhis, is an elegant fish in its natural state and should be kept that way. Their muscle tissue and skin is transparent, so that you can clearly see their bones and organs. These fish come from Thailand, Malaysia and the Greater Sunda Islands, and are active fish which should not be kept in too small a tank. They like to lurk among plants with feathery leaves, and should always be kept in a small group as single specimens usually die. The water should be soft to medium-hard and the temperature about 75F (24C).

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