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Water Quality

I test the tank infrequently (I should probably test more often). Test values mentioned here are from 10/19/94.
Most recent test was a specific gravity of 1.026. This is a little high, since I target 1.025, but nothing to worry about. I will gradually correct it over the next couple of weeks.
I haven't tested this since the tank was about one month old. I'm sure that there is no measurable ammonia in the tank. I would test again if corals and/or fish started looking unhappy and I couldn't explain it.
Same as ammonia.
I test this every few months, using the LaMotte test kit. There has been no measurable nitrate (less then 0.25 ppm) since the tank was one month old.
It currently tests between 8.3 and 8.4. I only have the Tetra test kit, so it is difficult to get an accurate measurment. However, this is also the target range, so I don't worry about it.
Most recent test was about 9 dKH. This is a little higher than I usually keep it (I target 7.5 to 8 dKH), but well within recommended ranges. I use the Hanna titration test. Theil actually recommends a very high alkalinity, while many others recommend lower values.
Most recently tested at 500ppm. This is high, and is because I used to use calcium chloride to keep the calcium level up, and let it get away from me. I'm using Kalkwasser now, and letting the level slowly drop down to around 450ppm. I use the LaMotte calcium hardness test for this.
I don't have a test kit for this. Since I'm using R/O filtered water, I'm not too concerned.
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