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NO3 test kits

Chuck wrote:
>Anyone got any experience with the Red Sea nitrate test kit?  I originally
>got an AP high range test, the first color change is for 20ppm, and I never
>measured anything with it, except experimenting in a fishless tank.
>I'm now using the Red Sea nitrate.  It's got color changes for 2.5, 5, and
>10ppm.   I've been dosing my tank with KNO3, and recent measurements with
>both kits found:  0ppm with the AP test, 5-10ppm with the Red Sea test kit.
>I'd just like to make sure it's telling the truth.  The plants seem to
>indicate that there is now nitrate, as the old leaves aren't melting away
>like they were before dosing with KNO3.
LaMott's NO3 test kit is a good proven kit here in the Bay Area for KNO3
If........... your serious about NO3 levels .......that is................
It cost $ but is worth it. Steve Dixon deserves the credit for pushing this
one and KNO3 my way!
Thanks Steve.

Tom Barr