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Kribs Question

I was thinking of adding a pair of Kribs in my 25gal planted tank, I saw
them at my local LFS and I taught 'boy I would sure love to have a couple
off those'.  But I taught I'll ask for some advice first (geeze I think,
this is maybe the first time I'm doing something right ;-) )..

My tank right now has, 2 angels, 4 cory, 4 sae, and 2 otto.. ph is 6.8 (with
co2), lots-o-plants, no ammonia or nitrite, ~5 ppm nitrate, .1ppm iron.
Weekly 1/3 water changes.  Filter Ehiem 2226.

My question is, could I or would it be safe to add a pair of Kribs?

Happy new year to everyone, and thanks to all for your help.

Steve Bansee
Winnipeg, MB