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Re: How much Flourish?

> From: Greg Morin <greg at seachem_com>
> Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1479
> You can slowly increase the amount of Flourish you are using since
> our recommended dose is fairly broad and is biased to yield a safe
> margin of error for overdosing... however if a particular tank is
> well planted and is growing rapidly then one can use more Flourish
> than recommended w/o a problem. The trick is determining if your tank

Thanks.  I've been adding 3ml per day (75g tank) for a few weeks now,
and the deficiency is still there.   I'm going to double it for a while,
and see what happens.  I'm also adding a KNO3/MgSO4 mix daily.  I'll keep
a careful eye on the algae, and see what happens.  Look for a report in a
week or so.

Chuck Gadd