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worm(s?) in the tank

Hi all,

Wishing everyone a good New Year . . . and hope the programmers at our local 
electric companies are on their toes . . . (am I the only one here worrying 
*only* about the heaters and filtration going out in an electricity 
outage?--forget the humans in the house!)

Anyway, when I recently read postings about worms in aquaria, I thought how 
interesting it would be, to culture live food right in with the fish. Well, 
lo and behold, after water change and gravel vacuuming yesterday, I checked 
in the water container, and what to my horrored eyes did appear but a 
wriggling worm through the water. I also saw what I guess would be daphnia, 
little bug-like creatures, darting back and forth. I no longer thought it was 
interesting to have worms in there, and I would have gotten it out for closer 
inspection, but it's a slim necked bottle (the 5 gallon drinking water type 
bottle) and I was not able to retrieve it. It slithered its way out of my 
view, and I didn't get a very clear look at it, but would guess it to be 1/2 
to 1 cm long and appeared brown or black, with a fast wriggling motion to 
propel through the water. My problem with it is that I've never fed worms in 
the aquarium--brine shrimp, live (well rinsed) and frozen only, so I am 
assuming that it is the parasitic type, rather than the food type. A recent 
death in there has me further panicked.

To no avail, I've been searching for a good resource on worms in aquaria, but 
discussions are geared toward the typical live food types. 

Any ideas or words of consolation?

Thanks in advance,