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What should I do now?

> Moishe Wasserman wrote:
> I have 5 freshwater aquariums.  1 is a 35 gallon, and the other 4 are 10
> galloners.  The 35 galloner has 3 100-watt halogen bulbs and two 30 watt
> fluorescent bulbs.  It has regular, non calcium, brown gravel.  Plants
> great.  

You've got over 10w/gal in there - that's enough to get a sunburn!

> The very last one has about 3 inches of Hartz kitty litter and 4 inches of

> regular gravel.  

7 inches of gravel in a 10 gallon aquarium?

> The problem is that I cannot grow absolutely any plants in the 10 gallon
> fluorescent aquariums.  Anything I put in there fails.  Even the most
> plants such as Java fern.  They never do well long term.  I was thinking
> since three of my four ten galloners are in a row, I should get a halogen
> track for them just like my 35 gallon.  Does anyone have any advice for

Before you go spending more money on lighting, maybe you could post more
information for us.  What, for instance, are your pH, GH and KH?  Do you
have CO2 in any of these tanks (gee, I sure hope you do with those high
light levels)?  Any recent test results (Fe, NO3, PO4)?

michael rubin 
mrubin at visa_com
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