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New Tank

Hi all

I set up a new 180 Gal 8 days ago it has quite a bit  of plants in it 
though it looks only half full.  I guess it's because the tall plants are 
not tall yet.  It has 10 small SAEs and 10 Otos in it but even though I 
have been checking everyday, I cannot measure any ammonia at all.  Is the 
fish load too low?  Should I add more fish into the tank?

There is a slight algae bloom in the tank.  I can still see everything in 
it, but it's got a green cloud if you know what I mean.

Lights 2x150 MHD 5200K  9 on,  14 off, 1 hour break halfway.
Bottled co2 during lights on only
KH 4
PH 7at end of day 7.5 before co2 on
temp26-28,  first time I have ever had a tank under 28!
Ehiem 2228

In sunny Singapore - if it's not raining!

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