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Algae Shrimp

Hi Everyone

Well the tank is still not set up (Wife has decided we should decorate the
room first.Why do they do that?). However I was reading some of the blurb I
have picked up along the way (most of it conflicting) and was interested to
read that I should add Algae Shrimp the day after setting up the tank. Are
they not affected by "New Tank Syndrome" or is my ignorance rearing it's
ugly head again. Unfortunately I have no tank's up and running at the moment
so cannot go the nice and easy route of using water/filter from an already
established tank.

Whilst I am here I would like to thank all who contribute to this list. I
have been keeping fish for over 20 year's and from some of the discussions
that I frequently read I still have a lot to learn which let's be honest is
one of the reason's we have a hobby.

So thank you all out there and have a happy new year.

Glen Williams

Hoping that England can win some major sporting event in the next century