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RE:BG's again

>Dave said:

>> In my experience with a huge outbreak that occurred while I was in the
>> Amazon, the best technique is to take a piece of small rigid tubing about
>> 20" long and attach it to a piece of air hose.   Use same for a syphon and
>> very carefully go thru the tank sucking up all the BGA.   Do this 3-4 times
>> and it should stay gone.
JPC said:
>It can work Dave... But if the BGA comes back, it can grow even much
>faster... especially if it has started from substrate, which is almost the
>case... Well if you want to destroy BGA, which is a bacteria, as you know,
>the only way is to add and antibiotic that can kill it without killing
>filtering bacteriaeŻ: erythromycin.
>Naturally, this has to be done in a severe case....

It can easily come back after a good dose of antibiotics also( I have plenty
of instances). Yes the directions of use where filled out to the letter
also. There are several ways of getting the cause taken care of, rather than
tossing in antibiotics at any bacterial problem.
Adding airstones at night can help........ There are many things such as
good regular maintenance, keeping the plants well trimmed, good supply of
nutrients for the plants, lowering the surface plants volume/numbers etc.
keeping good flow around the tank,  adding carbon, regular water changes,
filter cleanings.
A pill doesn't cure neglect. Then there's the ethical use of
antibiotics.........(don't even get me started!!)

Dave's method of harassment rather than elimination of BG is not at all a
bad method. As conditions improve (now that you have a good reason to take
care of the tank!<G>) the BG's often disappear. No antibiotics used. This
has worked many times by myself and many others. This is likely to be the
best philosophy to "cure a tank" of many things. We all neglect the tank
some times after all..........

Sorry, but pills are not the *only way* of BG destruction. Environmental
methods of control are cheaper/more ethical and make for a much better
balanced approach to planted tanks IMO. Lack of balance is what caused the
BG's in the first place. If there's an niche, BG's will find it.........
unless you live in a bubble. I've been down both roads here and the balanced
approach is better than the pill/quick cure approach. Ask the experts and
they will say the same thing.
Many paths lead to the same place after all.
Tom Barr